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Electromagnetic Analytical Balance LZ-AB-A110
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Electromagnetic Analytical Balance LZ-AB-A110 |


Electromagnetic Analytical Balance LZ-AB-A110 delivers extraordinary and excellent measuring features to laboratory and research labs to perform accurate and precise testing. The unit provides a maximum range from 100 g. The pioneer weighing scale analytical unit from aluminum base together with electromagnetic features quadrangular high-transparency glass.

Specifications :
Range 100 g
Repeatability ±0.2 mg
Readability 0.1 mg
Display LCD
Pan Dimension 80 mm
Material Aluminum base
Linearity ±0.3 mg
Calibration External
Housing Dimension 340x210x170 mm
Packing Dimension 490x390x520 mm
Net Weight 6.5 kg
Features :
  • This electromagnetic measuring analytical unit is equipped with an aluminum base and stainless steel pan materials
  • The intuitive touch LCD display for more convenient to display measuring parameters
  • Leveling assure accurate and precise measuring by simple non-corrosive foot materials
  • Equipped with clear glass windshield and standard backlight and interface to provide a quick connection
  • With external calibration to allow verification and adjustment of weight (optional: internal calibration)
  • Aluminum alloy die-cast base and stainless steel pan housing protect the unit from corrosion
  • Many measuring units are available g/mg/ct/oz make it more convenient for a user
Optional Accessories :

Dry batteries
Anti-theft devices
Lead seal protection

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