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Disintegration Tester LZ-DGT-A100
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Disintegration Tester LZ-DGT-A100 |


Disintegration Tester LZ-DGT-A100 widely used pharmaceutical benchtop device with microprocessor-controlled technology. Designed with a cabinet, control system, electrical system, water bath system, transmission system and sensor. It features a batch of six tubes assembled in a single basket. The working temperature range offered is ambient to 45ºC with automatic time range of 1 to 900 min. Notable technical features are 55 mm basket lifting amplitude, 30 to 32 times per minute nacelle back and forth frequency, and 1000 ml flat-bottomed beaker capacity. The unit has auto testing, auto diagnose and auto alarm system features, and LED screen shows pre-set and real data alternately in time.

Specifications :
Basket assembly 1 Piece
Quantity of Basket glass tube 6
Flat bottom beaker volume 1000 ml
Nacelle back and forth frequency 30 to 32 times / min
Nacelle back and forth range 54 to 56 min
Automatic time range 1 to 900 min
Basket lifting amplitude 55 ± 1 mm
Screen to cup bottom 25 ± 2 mm
Screen aperture 0.425 or 0.71 or 1 or 2 mm
Continuous working time > 24 hour
Temperature range Ambient to +45.0ºC
Temperature accuracy 37 ± 0.5ºC
Power 600 W
Voltage AC 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension (W × D × H) 260 × 300 × 420 mm
Net weight 10.5 kg
Features :
  • A set of Six tubes assembled in one basket design
  • Automatic control of the temperature, time and back and forth frequency of nacelle
  • Microprocessor controlled unit, Even temperature maintained across bath liquid
  • Time parameters can be pre-set at any time
  • Pre-set and real data displayed alternately on the LED screen
  • High automation with auto test, auto diagnose and auto alarm
Standard Accessories :

Accessories no. Accessories name
1 6 hole hanging basket (Mesh size: 2mm)

Optional Accessories :

Accessories no. Accessories name
1 6 hole hanging basket (Mesh size: 0.425 mm, 0.71 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm)

Applications :

It finds wide application in Pharmaceutical Industry, for disintegration of tablet and capsule (solids) in prescriptive conditions like tablet, capsule, and ointment, etc. across manufacturing plants, research centers.

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