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Digital Display Heating Mantle LZ-DHM-A100

Digital Display Heating Mantle LZ-DHM-A100 is a table top device with 50 ml maximum capacity, offers single channel heating mantle and temperature ranges from RT+20 to 250°C. It offers step less speed adjustment, uniform temperature, fast heating-up, safety and durability. Features anti-corrosion, age-resistant and PID single screen temperature controller. It adopts electronic temperature regulation heating mode.

Digital Display Heating Mantle LZ-DHM-A100
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Capacity 50 ml
Work model Continuous
Heating mode Surface heat conduction
Surface Max. temperature 450°C
Temperature range RT+20 to 250°C
Heating element Nichrome wire
Outer shell High quality aluminum silicate cotton
Heating Power 0.08 kW
External dimension 220 × 165 mm
Packing dimension 230 × 230 × 195 mm
Power supply 100 to 120 V or 200 to 240 V
Net weight 2.5 kg
Gross weight 2.8 kg



Digital Display Heating Mantle is used in petrochemical industries, medicine, and environment protection institutions for liquid heating, chemical synthesis, physical and chemical analysis, biopharmaceuticals etc.

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