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Dissolution Tester LZ-DLT-A100
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Dissolution Tester LZ-DLT-A100 widely used pharmaceutical benchtop device with microprocessor-controlled technology. Design consist of cabinet, control system, electrical system, water bath system, transmission system, sensor, and paddle components, vessel and pole. The basket and paddle units are made-up of SUS316L stainless steel. Features one vessel and one pole arranged on one line, offers speed range of 20 to 200 rpm and time range of 5 to 900 min. The magnetism-pumped circular water current system used for even heat distribution. Has convenient operation with high precision control, mobilization, sensitivity and low noise. The unit has auto testing, auto diagnose and auto alarm system features, and LED screen shows pre-set and real data alternately in time.

Specifications :
No of vessels 1
No of poles 1
Position of vessels and poles Arranged on one line
Speed range 20 to 200 rpm
Speed accuracy ± 2 rpm
Head part movement Manually turn over
Maximum capacity of beaker 1000 ml
Basket radial run-out ± 1.0 mm
Paddle radial run-out ± 0.5 mm
Temperature range Ambient to +45.0°C
Temperature Stability ± 0.3°C
Preset timing nine points 5 to 900 min
Time accuracy ± 0.3%
Power 600 W
Voltage AC 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension (W × D × H) 260 × 300 × 480 mm
Net weight 14.4 kg
Features :
  • Design offers: One vessel and one pole arranged on one line
  • Basket and paddle units are made-up of SUS316L stainless steel
  • Microprocessor controlled technology, automatic control of temperature, rotational speed and time
  • Uppermost part (head) of the tester twisted manually
  • Conveniently operated by keystroke
  • Magnetism-pumped circular water current heat the system evenly and bath liquid achieves an equal temperature
  • Pre-set and real data displayed alternately on the LED screen
  • High automation with auto test, auto diagnose and auto alarm
Standard Accessories :

Accessories no. Accessories name
1 Transparent vessel of 185 mm height
2 Paddle
3 Rotating basket
4 Rotating basket of 0.425 mm pore size
5 Vessel cover
6 Close unit
7 Deep ruler
8 Centre ruler
9 Mercury thermometer
10 Filter head
11 Filter membrane
12 Sample needle

Optional Accessories :

Accessories no. Accessories name
1 Vessels Paddle 3*3 / 6*6 / 8* 8
2 Rotating basket unit
3 Brown vessel of 185 mm height
4 Network disk (Small)
5 Network disk (Big)

Applications :

It finds wide application in Pharmaceutical Industry, for detecting velocity and extent rate of dissolution i.e. solution formation from a dosage form like tablet, capsule, and ointment, etc. across manufacturing plants, research centres.

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