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Differential Scanning Calorimeter LZ-DSC-A110
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Differential Scanning Calorimeter LZ-DSC-A110 |


Differential Scanning Calorimeter LZ-DSC-A110 is an analyzer which allows the measurement of different characteristic properties of various samples from RT to 550°C with heating rate of 0.1~80℃/min It meets ASTM, ISO standards. Desinged with 7 inch touch screen display and 3 sets of Thermocouples. High accuracy, resolution of better base line are some of the features which ensures accurate and reliable results. It finds applications in fields like polymer development, quality control of different materials, performance testing and many other industries.

Specifications :
Temperature Range RT to 550°C (Air cooled)
Temperature Resolution 0.001°C
Temperature Fluctuations ± 0.001°C
Temperature Repeatability ± 0.1°C
Constant Temperature time Program setting ≤24h
Heating Rate 0.1 to 80°C / min
DSC Range 0~±600mW
DSC Noise 0.01 μW
DSC Resolution 0.01 µW
DSC Accuracy 0.1 mW
Atmosphere control gas Nitrogen, Oxygen (Auto Switch)
Control Mode Rising temperature, constant temperature (full automatic)
Curve Scanning Rising scan
Gas Flow Control Embedded digital flow meter & Software control, automatic changing
Gas flow rate 0-300 mL/min
Gas pressure 0.2 MPa
Cooling Device Air Cool
Thermocouples 3 sets
Parameter Standard With standard material, with calibration function, the user may correct temperature and heat enthalpy
Display 24 bit 7 inches LCD touch screen display
Interface Standard USB connector
Power Supply AC 220 V/50 Hz
Dimension 670 x 590 x 480 mm
Weight 40 kg
Features :
  • Renewed design of new metal furnace body structure
  • High accuracy and resolution of better base line
  • Adopts indirect conduction method for heating, high stability and uniformity
  • Designed with protective gas input
  • Automatic switching of 2-channel atmosphere flow, short stabilization time
  • USB Interface and easy to operate Software
  • 7 inch touch screen display
  • Meets ISO and ASTM standards
Standard Accessories :

Host instrument
Data Line
Power Line
Aluminium crucibles
Ceramic crucibles
pure tin grains
Fuse 4A

Applications :

It is used to study thermal transitions, heat capacity, glass transition temperature, crystallinity, melting temperature etc. of various materials like polymers, plastics, elastomer, food stuffs, biomolecules, non-corrosive samples, electronic components etc.

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