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ELISA Microplate Washer LZ-EMW-B100
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ELISA Microplate Washer LZ-EMW-B100 |


ELISA Microplate Washer LZ-EMW-B100 suitable for both 48 and 96 well microplate. This washer has cell head washer and strips or plate wash mode. Allow gentle washing for sensitive and adherent can be used for all microplate ELISA applications. Compatible with more standard washer and reader with maximum volume up to 50 to 3000 µl/well. Ideal for strips and plate washer. Full control on wash to maximize the result.

Specifications :
Wash Bottle 4 for Rinse, Waste, Buffer, Wash
Wash Mode Strip & Plate
Wash Strips Adjustable
Well Type Flat, V & U Bottom
Volume Capacity 50 to 3000 µl/well
Display LCD
Operating Time
Sipping Time Adjustable 0 to 9.9 sec
Dipping Time Adjustable 0 to 3600 sec
Shaking Time Adjustable 0 to 600 sec
Washing Time Adjustable 0 to 99 times
Temperature 5 to 40 ◦C
Humidity 0.8
Manifold 8 to 12 Pins
Electrical Supply 100/220V, 50/60 Hz
Dimension 448x382x163 mm
Weight 8 kg
Features :
  • Quick sequential, continuous, and 8 & 12 way manifold features
  • Low residual volume by 2 pipette
  • 120 users programmed storage
  • Automatic vacuum pressure & automatic rinse cycle
  • 4 for Rinse, Waste, Buffer, Wash
  • Flat, V & U Bottom
  • For high density microplate application with excellent flexibility and longer durability
  • Allow easy integration for automatic device
  • Use in the applications of biochemical, cell based, immunological assay
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