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Gradient Thermal Cycler LZ-GTC-A12
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Gradient Thermal Cycler LZ-GTC-A12 |


Gradient thermal cycler LZ-GTC-A12 enabled with Peltier heating units which can process more than 1000,000 cycles and store data in the internal flash memory. It can process 60×0.5 ml sample in wells. User-friendly programming is achieved via 8-inches TFT color touch-screen with graphical display and windows operations system. This device can be applied across a temperature range of 0 to100 ℃ with maximum ramping rate is 4.5 ℃/s. It is advantageous to the user to secure his data using password and User Login method and use pre-installed 11 standard protocols. The files can be transferred via USB, printer support.

Specifications :
Capacity 60×0.5 ml
Temperature Range 0 to 100℃
Heating Rate 4.5℃/s
Cooling Rate 4℃/s
Uniformity ≤±0.2℃
Accuracy ≤±0.1℃
Display Resolution 0.1℃
Temperature Control Block\Tube
Ramping Rate Adjustable 0.1 to 4.5℃
Gradient Uniformity ≤±0.2℃
Gradient Accuracy ≤±0.2℃
Gradient Temperature Range 30 to 100℃
Gradient Spread 1 to 30℃
Hot Lid Temperature 30 to 110℃
Hot Lid Height Adjustable Step less Adjustable
Number of Programs 10000 +(USB FLASH)
Maximum. No.of Step 30
Maximum. No.of Cycle 100
Increment/Decrement Time 1 Second to  600 Second
Temp Increment/Decrement 0.1 to 10.0℃
Pause Function Yes
Auto Data Protection Yes
Holding 4 ℃
Print Yes
LAN to computer Yes
Display LCD
Interface USB2.0 , LAN
Power 600 W
Voltage 85 to 264VAC , 47 to 63Hz
Dimensions(L×W×H) 390×270×255 mm
Weight 8.5 kg
Features :
  • Uniform heating with 3 different temperature of the samples is achieved with Peltier heating units with more than 1,000,000 cycles
  • It is well built with anodizing technology with aluminum block treatment which makes the durable and corrosion resistant
  • Maximum heating rate is 4.5℃/s with temperature range of 0 to 100 ℃
  • It has the capability to accommodate 96×0.2ml+77×0.5ml with moveable hot lid which can fit different sizes of tubes
  • It has the internal flash memory to store the 10000 files data for analysis
  • The connectivity between computer is via USB port and mini printer and can store the GLP data after every step to get reliable results
  • All the operations are controlled by a computer software system which instrument PCR protocols and also has in built 11 standard protocols
  • It has power of operation recovery option which helps in continuing the same command after a recovering from power cut
  • The user can access to his individual experimental data by setting a password and data management system
  • To satisfy the customers need it is installed with special feature like the user can add sample while the process is going on to encounter different variations
  • The user will be sent notifications via email about the process to alert when operation ends
Applications :

Used in Gene expression analysis
Pathogen detection
DNA methylation analysis
Genotyping and gene scanning
miRNA research etc.

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