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Tablet Hardness Tester LZ-HDT-A100
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Tablet Hardness Tester LZ-HDT-A100 |


Tablet Hardness Tester LZ-HDT-A100 is a desktop device that tests the hardness of ≤ 20 mm dimeter tablet with the hardness measurement range of 2 to 199.9 N. The LED screen displays the test data and other parameters, the high accuracy press sensor measures accurate readings. Test is conducted by means of tablet loading and artificial pressing; the test can be reset and recycled. It also features auto-test, auto-diagnose and auto-alarm system.

Specifications :
Hardness range 2 to 199.9 N
Hardness accuracy ± 1.5 %
Test period 20 sec / pc
Safe testing force 0.2 to 20 kg
Probe procession range ≤ 20 mm
Max number in each group -
In-built printer No
Power 60 W
Voltage AC 220 V, 50 Hz or AC 110 V, 60 Hz
Dimension (W × D × H) 400 x 240 x 160 mm
Packaging dimension (W × D × H) 440 x 280 x 200 mm
Net weight 8 kg
Gross weight 11 kg
Features :
  • Equipped with high accuracy press sensor
  • Automatic display of test results on LED Screen, can reset and recycled Test
  • Tablet is loaded and pressed artificially
  • Continuous testing of hardness of tablets
  • Features auto-test, auto-diagnose and auto-alarm
Applications :

Tablet hardness tester used for detection of hardness point of tablet in the manufacturing and packaging, marketing across pharmaceutical, food, detergent, dairy, animal feed, pesticides, and other industries that requires compressed tablet.

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