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Large Capacity Low-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LZ-LLSC-A110
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Large Capacity Low-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LZ-LLSC-A110 |


Large Capacity Low-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LZ-LLSC-A110 is a table top refrigerated centrifuge made up of high quality steel and chamber is made up of stainless steel. Digital display which indicates the program, speed, time, RCF and temperature. Multiple type of rotor is used that can be changed internally. Brushless frequency motor which is great torque, free maintenance, no powder pollution, quick in speed up and down. Equipped with flexible angle driven system which drive the rotor directly, smooth in operation.

Specifications :
Maximum Speed 6000 rpm
Maximum RCF 6600×g
Maximum Capacity 6×1000 ml ( 6×500ml blood bag)
Timer 1 to 9h 59 min
RPM/RCF Convert Yes
Noise ≤60 dB
Temperature Range -20°C to -40°C
Acceleration/Deceleration 10 kinds
Speed Accuracy ±20 rpm
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C
Voltage AC220V 50 Hz/60 Hz
Dimension (W×D×H) 800×740×93 mm
Net Weight 310 kg
Features :
  • Ideal for separating blood into components
  • Parameters can be modified at operating state
  • 6 kinds of rotors are available based on your choice
  • Presence of automatic lid lock system in which door locks automatically once centrifugation process is on
  • Equipped with automatic rotor recognition and imbalance detection
  • Micro-computer control, there are 10 kinds of program and 10 kinds of acceleration and deceleration for your choice
Applications :

Widely used in the field of blood bank, pharmaceutical factory and laboratory. Also used for collecting substances that sediment rapidly such as yeast cells, chloroplast and erythrocytes

Rotors :

Order NumberRotor type>Maximum Speed(rpm)Volume(ml)Maximum RCF(×g)
1Swing Rotor42006×1000ml5100
2Angle Rotor60004×300ml5390
3Angle Rotor60006×300ml5660
4Angle Rotor60006×500ml6600

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