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Melting Point Apparatus LZ-MPA-A100
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Melting Point Apparatus LZ-MPA-A100 |


Melting Point Apparatus LZ-MPA-A100 is a visual melting point apparatus with desktop design and delivers reliable performance. The temperature control range is from Room Temperature to 100˚C and offers semi-automatic detection method. It showcase features like TFT Touch Screen LCD Display, Peltier temperature control technology that realize the high precision temperature control, and taking high-definition video with convenient and clear observation of the whole process of sample melting. Used for measurement of the melting point of medicines, dyes and organic, chemical and other crystalline substances to determine purity. Measurement method is in conformity with the standard of pharmacopoeia. It measures four samples at the same time and calculate average value of initial and final melting points automatically.

Specifications :
Temperature control range RT to 100℃
Detection method Semi-automatic
Capacity per batch 2pc./batch
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Temperature gradients (0.1 to 10.0)℃/Min
Temperature accuracy ±0.3℃
Repeatability 0.1℃/Min, ±0.1℃
Camera & Video Camera
Video playback NA
Operator account NA
Result storage 200
SD card capacity 8G
Display TFT Touch screen
Interface USB RS232 SD card Enternet
Opening capillary size I.D>1.0 mm, O.D.1.4 mm Double opening
Power consumption 120 W
Power supply 110 to 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimension 400 × 280 × 330 mm
Weight 5 kg
Features :
  • TFT Touch Screen LCD Display
  • High automatic integration, to achieve a key measurement function
  • Peltier precise temperature function technology
  • Semi-automatic detection method
  • High-definition video instead of traditional visual microscope recording
  • Designed with international and ISO in the determination of the melting point of oils and fats
  • Measures four samples at the same time
  • Automatically calculate average value of initial and final melting points
Applications :

Melting Point Apparatus used in chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food and dye, petrochemical industries for determining melting point of different material intended for quality checking and research experiments.

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