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Microplate Reader LZ-MPR-A305
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Microplate Reader LZ-MPR-A305 |


Microplate Reader LZ-MPR-A305 is an easy to use, efficient and cost effective optical type microplate reader. It is well equipped with large LCD display, flexible plate layout and auto plate centering system. With comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data-evaluation functions and capability of performing 12 different tests in just one plate, it is ideally suited for all common ELISAs.

Specifications :
Wavelength Range 400 to 850 nm
Standard Wavelength 405, 450, 492, 630 nm
Plate Type 48/96-well plate
Resolution 0.001 Abs
Reading Speed Single wavelength ≤ 3s; dual wavelength ≤ 6s
Reading Range 0.000-4.000 Abs
Accuracy ± 0.008 Abs
Reproducibility ≤ 0.2 %
Stability ± 0.003 Abs
Additional Filters Filter wheel for up to 8 filters
Detector Silicon photodiode
Shaking Linear shaking, 3 speeds
Printer Built-in thermal printer, optional external printer
Light Source 8V/50W controlled tungsten halogen lamp
Electrical Supply 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Overall Dimension 460x350x197 mm
Weight 10 kg
Features :
  • 10.4" color LED display
  • Touch screen input
  • Wide wavelength range of 330-1100 nm
  • Measures single or dual wavelength
  • Reads both 48 and 96-well plate
  • Graphical operating interface
  • Windows operating system
  • Convenient to use menu design
  • Flexible plate layout with Blanks, Standards, Samples, Reference, QC in one screen
  • Auto plate centering system to position the center of the cell accurately
  • Auto lamp adjustment and auto calibration function
  • Optical system with 8 channel optical fiber scanning
  • Equipped with support keyboard and mouse
  • Capable of performing 12 different tests in just one plate
  • Comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data evaluation function with cut-offs, curve-fits and transformation formulas
  • Stable memory capable of storing twenty million test data and 500 test projects
  • USB port for easy data transfer
  • Consists Workstation PC software
Applications :

It finds wide application in Immunoassays (ELISA), enzyme assays, absorbance based microplate reader assay (Bradford assay), proliferation assays and toxicity.

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