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Medical Refrigerator LZ-MR-A100
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Medical Refrigerator LZ-MR-A100 |


Medical Refrigerator 2 to 20°C LZ-MR-A100 embedded with evaporator copper tube in a foam layer to prevent corrosion, to ensure heat transferring efficiency and glass door, different designed compact finned condenser for better efficiency. The maximum capacities of 317 L and defrost automatically. Build-in inner fan-driven and forced-draft air circulation system provides excellent temperature uniformity. Build-in microprocessor controller to certify tolerances of internal temperatures. Equipped with buzzer and flashing lights, power failure alarm, doors open alarm, high and low-temperature alarm.

Specifications :
Capacity 317 L
Cabinet Type Upright
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Range 2 to 20°C
Alarms Power failure alarm, Temperature sensor failure alarm, High / Low temperature alarm, Door open alarm
Refrigerant Non HCFC
Material White plastic coated galvanised steel
Shelves 5
Internal Dimension 540 x 425 x 1380 mm
External Dimension 640 x 582 x 1880 mm
Weight 92.5 kg
Electrical Requirement AC220 V/ 50Hz
Features :
  • Cooling System provide stability and consistently to internal cabinet temperature with quick temperature recovery
  • Temperature range: 2 to 20°C and polyurethane foam insulation with thickness 80 mm
  • With evaporator copper tube embedded in foam layer to prevent corrosion and to ensure heat transferring efficiency and different designed compact finned condenser for better efficiency
  • With inner door to minimize leakage of cold air, ensuring uniform temperature within the refrigerator
  • Automatic magnetic sealed door to ensure and improves the refrigeration performance and working consistency
  • Provide password to prevent any unwanted access parameters from being modified
  • Constructed with antibacterial powdered inner and outer surface
  • Uses high efficient refrigeration system and eco-friendly and fluorine-free refrigerant
  • Rechargeable battery backup to display the main information such as alarm and internal temperature of the cabinet when the main power is cut off
  • Built-in mechanical lock to ensure safety of stored items and castors for easy moving
  • Temperature stability ±1.5°C
  • Temperature accuracy 0.1°C
  • Alarm mode: buzzer and flashing lights, Power failure alarm, doors open alarm, high and Low temperature alarm
  • Record displays Date, Time, Min and Max Temperature
  • Controller displays real-time temperature and alarm codes for easy use
  • Wide double layer window for easy observation
  • LED lamp power switch together with control panel and Adjustable shelves
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