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Multi-Position Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer LZ-MSH-B100
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Multi-Position Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer LZ-MSH-B100 |


Multi-position Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer LZ-MSH-B100 is a tabletop device with 4 position digital hotplate magnetic stirrer, each position (channel) offers maximum 10 L capacity, and temperature control ranges from 25 to 340°C. It is designed with PID controller ensures a precise and steady heating process. The magnetic stirrer bar is designed with stainless steel work plate with ceramic coating provides good chemical-resistant performance. Features dual digital LCD display and rotatory knob for setting of temperature and speed on hot plate. Hot plate with magnetic stirrer speed ranges from 200 to 1500 rpm and equipped with brushless DC motor for smooth operation.

Specifications :
Work plate Dimension 134 mm (5 inch)
Work plate material Stainless steel with ceramic coating
Motor type Brushless DC motor
Motor rating input 1.8 W × 4
Heating output 500 × 4 W
Stirring positions 4
Maximum stirring quantity of single position 10 L
Maximum magnetic bar length 40 mm
Speed range 200 to 1500 rpm
Speed display LCD
Temperature display LCD
Temperature range 25˚C to 340°C
Ambient temperature range 5 to 40˚C
Humidity 80 % RH
Overheating protection 420˚C
Temperature display accuracy ±0.1˚C
External temperature sensor PT1000 (accuracy ±0.2°C)
Control accuracy of sensor ± 20 rpm
Protection class IP21
Dimension 698 × 270 × 128 mm
Power consumption 515 × 4 W
Power supply 240V, 50/60Hz
Weight 9.5 kg
Features :
  • Designed with dual digital LCD display show temperature and speed
  • Magnetic hotplate stirrer with 10 L maximum capacity
  • Unit is designed with 4 position channel digital hotplate magnetic stirrer
  • PID controller ensures a precise and steady heating process
  • Maximum speed range offered is 200 to 1500 rpm
  • Digital temperature control with maximum temperature at 340˚C
  • Equipped with external temperature control possible by connecting PT1000 with ±0.2°C accuracy
  • Brushless DC motor, stable performance, low noise, long life and no sparks
  • Material used stainless steel work plate with ceramic coating provides good chemical-resistant performance
Optional Accessories :

Accessories no.Name Qty.
1Stirrer bar(10mm x 6mm)1pc/pk
2Stirrer bar(15mm x 8mm)1pc/pk
3Stirrer bar(20mm x 8mm)1pc/pk
4Stirrer bar(25mm x 8mm) 1pc/pk
5Stirrer bar(30mm x 6mm)1pc/pk
6Stirrer bar(40mm x 8mm)1pc/pk

Applications :

Multi-position Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer used in physical and chemical, bio-chemical analysis, bio-pharmaceuticals and other fields for different scientific research and quality testing of materials.

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