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Real-Time PCR Detection System LZ-PCR96-1
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Real-Time PCR Detection System LZ-PCR96-1 |


Real-Time PCR Detection System LZ-PCR96-1 designed to monitor the amplification of DNA during the Real-Time quantitative analysis with high intensity LED light source. The LZ-PCR96 is a powerful unit for featuring quantitative automatic analysis, relative quantification, SNP Analysis, and other crucial functions. Its shortened design and qPCR analysis software for collection of data, and provide excellent visualization capabilities are suitable for both new as well as skilled users. The unit enables accuracy for a wide range of clinical and research applications.

Specifications :
Sample Volume 96x0.2 ml PCR Plate, 12x8 strip tubes, 96x0.2 ml single tube
Range 1 to 1010 copies
Wavelength Range
Emission 500 to 800 nm
Excitation 300 to 800 nm
Detection 500 to 800 nm
Reaction Volume 5 to 100 µl
No. of Channel 4 channels
Fluorescent Dye FAM,SYBR,GREENI (F1)
Temperature Range 4 to 105 °C
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature Uniformity ≤±0.3 °C
Ramp Rate ±0.1 °C
Gradient Temperature Range 1 to 36°C
Hot Lid Temperature Range 30 to 110 °C
Operation Mode Continues operation mode
Scanning Mode Full plate scanning
Programming 20 Segments for each 99 cycles
Software Win-7/8.1/10 software
Storage RAM: 512 M
Interface Bluetooth, USB, RS232
Power 600 W
Voltage 100 to 240 V/50/60 Hz
Dimension 410x386x352 mm
Packing Dimension 720x680x640 mm
Gross Weight 55 kg
Features :
  • Function: quantitative automatic analysis, relative quantification, SNP Analysis, Melting Curve Analysis, 6 independent Temperature Zone, HRM Multi-channel cross-talk calibration, background Correction, auto gain, customized parameter, etc
  • Available in line and complete block scanning mode and can scan dual color 96–well scanning in very short time
  • Designed with 6 channels fluorescence detection system operating mode
  • Come with an advanced bottom detection system for intuitive scanning function
  • Prevent reaction to evaporate by its unique automatic hot lid features
  • LED light excitation source
  • Designed with TE module for the longer life span of the unit
  • Complied with Windows-7/8.1/10 and MS-Excel software
Optional Accessories :

Window Tablet PC

Applications :

Our 6-channel qPCR unit is use in research and clinical applications.

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