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Stomacher Blender LZ-SMB-A100
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Stomacher Blender FM-SB-A100 is a slap type homogenizer, features intelligent program control system to set flapping time, speed. The transparent, toughened glass door helps in clear observations of the process. Designed with large LCD screen to set and view test parameters, it tests both concentrated and dilute form of solid and liquid samples, fitted in sterile homogeneous bag. The heating, sterilization or washing of apparatus, and utensils if any is not required unless there is spillage.

Specifications :
Capacity 3 to 400 ml
Sterilization method N/A
Temperature control range N/A
Disinfection agent N/A
Sterile homogenizer bags 100 sheets
Dimension of homogenizer bags 300 × 170 mm
Flapping time 0.1 to 99.99 minutes or normally open
Flapping speed 3 to 12 times/ second
Flapping space 0 to 50 mm adjustable
Program storage 3 groups
Display LCD display
Machine dimension (W × D × H) 420 × 230 × 330 mm
Packaging dimension (W × D × H) 570 × 340 × 460 mm
Net weight 19 kg
Gross weight 22 kg
Power supply 110 V, 220 V / 50 Hz
Power 200 W
Features :
  • Unique embossing pedals design, for fine flapping operations
  • Easy to set flapping speed, and time according to test method
  • Flapping space is adjustable, ease of processing with different amounts
  • Microprocessor controlled technology to perform advance operations
  • Equipped with disposable sterile bags for hygiene and safety
  • Easy opening of door for proper cleaning
Standard Accessories :

Accessories no. Name Qty
1 Sterile Homogenizer Bags 50 pcs

Optional Accessories :

Accessories no. Name
1 304 SUS Stainless Steel Brackets (to keep the bags)

Applications :

Stomacher blender finds range of applications across food science, tissue culture, microbiology and pharmaceutical industry for testing of raw, unprocessed or processed, test materials.

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