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Tube Furnace LZ-TBF-C291
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Tube Furnace LZ-TBF-C291 |


Tube Furnace LZ-TBF-C291 work tube furnaces utilizes a high thermal shock resistant tubes a ceramic work tube, providing excellent temperature uniformity down the length of the work tube. With a maximum temperature of 1200°C, deliver excellent uniformity and temperature control. Stainless steel vacuum flanges with valves, gas regulator, vacuum pressure gauge, and dual tube are included for immediate use. The standard type of muffle furnaces that use a Low external surface temperature with dual-layer housing characterized by excellent repeatability. Heating element protection with quartz tubes against the effects of harmful gases and heating element Fe-Cr-Al. High-temperature accuracy at ±1 °C. Made with steel sheet construction and coated with epoxy powdered and equipped with easy to use controller system and safety devices. Additionally, it accommodates different software that provides heating program along with custom preset program. Dual-layer insulation keeps the external surface cool to touch.

Specifications :
Tube Internal Diameter 100 mm
Heated Zone Length 800 mm
Tube Length 1010 mm
Tube Type Mullit
Temperature 1200°C
Thermocouple Type  K Type
Material Steel Sheet Housing; Epoxy Powder Coating
Heating Element Fe-Cr-Al
Display LCD
Accuracy ±1 °C
Software B2/ E4/ U8/ S16 Software optional
Insulation Material Ceramic Fibre Blanket
Power Consumption 3500 W
External Dimension 994x497x568 mm
Gross Dimension 1035x543x727 mm
Net Weight 67 kg
Gross Weight 79 kg
Features :
  • The Continuous Working Temperature 1100°C
  • Offer homogeneous temperature distribution and reliable protective atmosphere
  • Inner Chamber provide high precision measurement of the real temperature
  • Optional gas inlet and evacuation system for protective atmosphere
  • Equipped with thermal shock resistant tubes
  • High-precise temperature control over wide working temperature range with ±1 °C control accuracy
  • K Type Thermocouple provide accurate measurement and temperature control whereas second thermocouple option adjustable for different processes
  • Software design with easy-to-understand menu on 4-line LCD display
  • Low External Surface Temperature with Dual Layer Housing
  • Heating Elements which are Selected and Designed According to Their Proper Working Temperatures and Providing Fast Heating of the Furnace
  • Optional Features such as Protective Gas Connections, Flowmeter / Rotameter, Gas Regulator, Flange Applications, Vacuum Equipment, Vertical Design, Double Tube Design, Pc Connection
Applications :

Ash analysis
Heat treatment
Melting & oxidation

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