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Table Top Steam Autoclave LZ-TTA-B10
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Table Top Steam Autoclave LZ-TTA-B10 |


Table Top Steam Autoclave LZ-TTA-B10 is a stain less steel device with three sterilizing plates. Having indicator that indicates after completion of sterilization and turn off the device, it is having water level sensor, and the indicating lights, indicates the working status. The sterilization volume ranges φ 250×h 420 mm for the capacity of 20 L. Its working pressure ranges 0.22 MPa with the working temperature of 134˚ C. Its average heating capacity ±≤ 1 ˚C.

Specifications :
Capacity 20 L
Sterilization Volume 250×h 420 mm
Working Pressure 0.22 MPa
Working Temperature 134˚C
Adjustable Temperature 105 to 134˚C
Time Period 0 to 60 min
Power 1.5 kw
Heat Average ±≤ 1˚C
Packing Dimension 700×580×500 mm
Dimensions 480×480×384 mm
Gross Weight 44 kg
Net Weight 40 kg
Features :
  • Come with indicator lights, for the indication of working status
  • Stain less steel device having with three chamber sterilizing plates
  • It has capability of rapid sterilization for 4-6 minutes
  • Sterilizing temperature and time can be set before function of device
  • Protection over the water lacking process
  • It can be automatically turns off after buzz
  • Buzz alert system is to remind the completing process of sterilization
  • Protection automatically over high pressure and high temperature
  • It can exhaust the cool air automatically
  • Steam will not be discharged inside the device
Applications :

It used to sterilize the dental instruments
Used to sterilize glass ware, surgical instruments and forceps etc.

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