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UV Trans-illuminator LZ-UVT-A100
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UV Trans-illuminator LZ-UVT-A100 |


UV Trans-illuminator LZ-UVT-A100 is an advanced trans-illuminator, incorporated with 6W*10pcs UV lamp, delivers uniform light distribution. Features durable, high quality Iron-rust proof painted metal design; Fixed camera port suitable for almost all SLR cameras, anti-ultraviolet observation window filter supports safe and user-friendly operations. User can take UV light exposed object pictures through normal camera.

Specifications :
UV Lamp 6Wx10pcs
Transmission UV Wavelength 302 nm
Transmission Filter size 200×150 mm
Reflectance UV Wavelength (short range wave) 254 nm, (long range wave) 365 nm
Reflectance Filter Size 200 x 80mm
Visible Light 60W
UV Intensity Ultraviolet intensity of 20cm away from the sample reaches 20μW/cm²
Power Supply AC 110/220 V±10%, 50/60 Hz
Package Dimesnion (W×D×H) 480×395×535 mm
Gross Weight 7 kg
Features :
  • Built with fixed camera port rack
  • Transmission UV wavelength: (midrange wave) 302 nm
  • Transmission area of 200 × 150 mm
  • Reflectance UV wavelength: (short-range wave) 254 nm, (long-range wave) 365 nm
  • Real time observation of the sample is intuitive and safe
  • Comes with Nano Medical Ultraviolet lamp and with UV intensity of 20µW/cm away from sample
  • Long service life
Applications :

UV Trans-illuminator finds application across molecular biology, genetic engineering, biotechnology, tissue culture laboratories for UV light examination, observation and photography of electrophoresis gel.

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