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Variable Semi Autoclavable Micropipettes LZ-VSAP-A10
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Variable Semi Autoclavable Micropipettes LZ-VSAP-A10 |


Variable Semi Autoclavable Micropipettes LZ-VSAP-A10 variable & portable semi-autoclavable micropipette with soft hold for user comfort and used in Research & Development, laboratory, clinical & pathological lab for sampling and dispensing liquid. Known for its unique & innovative measuring range, durable structure design, and excellent dispensing performance.

Specifications :
Volume 0.1 to 2.5 µl
Testing Volume 1.25 µl
Channel Single
Inaccuracy ±3.00%
Imprecision ±0.30%
Increment 0.05 µl
Tips Volume 10 µl
Display Digital
Sealing PTFE
Weight 0.2 kg
Features :
  • Semi -Autoclavable 121°C sterilization
  • Available in single channel
  • Deliver accurate and precise outcome in lab, clinical & pathological department, R & D, Industrial application
  • Store safely with wide range 0.1ul to 1000 ul
  • Equipped with ejector to eject tips with acceptable force and dispense accurately
  • PTFE sealing ring, more convenient to use
  • Design with compatible with most acceptable tips with digital display to enhance instrument compatibility
  • Ensure adjust volume with accurate volume perfection
Applications :

This portable and ergonomics reliable design is used in Academics & Research, clinical & Research application
Used to dispense low viscous liquid in lab
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnological application

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