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Xenon Test Chamber LZ-XTC-A100
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Xenon Test Chamber LZ-XTC-A100 designed with 9.7 inch touch screen, Xenon arc lamp, and microprocessor controller system with timing function. The xenon arc lamp records the full solar spectrum, which include ultraviolet, visible light and red light. It adopts high quality lamp with long life up to 1200 to 1500 hours. The Irradiation, blackboard temperature, rain etc. can be easily set and displayed. It can accelerate the aging experiment to achieve the effect of rapid aging.

Specifications :
Control system Siemens PLC
Program function 4 groups standard program built-in and 2 groups program can be se
Sample area 930 cm2
Sample surface temperature monitoring Blackboard temperature automatic control by sensor
Spraying system NO
Irradiance control 340 nm, 420 nm or 300 nm-400 nm Wavelength automatic control (standard with@340 nm High-precision sensors)
Lamp cooling method Air cooling
Sample shelf type Flat plate type
Lamp Standard lamp tube, or Atlas lamp tube(optional)
Working chamber Dimension 320 × 320 × 320 mm
External Dimension 890 × 580 × 590 mm
Power consumption 3500 W
Power supply 220V, 50Hz
Net weight 93 kg
Gross weight 125 kg
Features :
  • Designed with 9.7 inch touch screen, easy to understand and operate
  • Easy to set and display the operating functions like Irradiation, Blackboard temperature, Rain cycle
  • Equipped with high quality lamp, with long life up to 1200 to 1500 hours
  • Can accelerate the aging experiment to achieve the rapid effect of aging
  • Adopted with over-temperature protection and over-load protection
  • Material used polished stainless-steel chamber, makes the exposed area large enough and uniform
  • Enhanced the light irradiance and shorten the exposure time of sample
  • Designed with real time monitor, controls the light intensity to ensure the repeatability of the test results
  • Can select the control point of irradiance from 340 nm, 420 nm or 300 nm to 400 nm
  • Blackboard temperature sensor monitors the exposure temperature of sample accurately
  • Provides referring and setting related industry standards
Applications :

Xenon Test Chamber used in arc lamp to simulate full solar spectrum and reproduce the aging light environment in different condition. It provides the corresponding environment simulation and the accelerate test for scientific research, product development and quality control.

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