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Large Capacity High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LZ-LRHC-B110

Large Capacity High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LZ-LRHC-B110 is made up of high quality stainless steel material. It is designed with parameters including RCF, variable frequency brushless motor, microcomputer control. Eco- friendly refrigerator system and operates at -20°C to 40°C temperature range, low noise compressor less than ≤60dBA with protective electronic interlock door function. Centrifuge is protected with three-layer protection steel cover which is safe and reliable to use. Presence of flexible axle driven system which drive the rotor directly with low noise and small vibration. It is consistent with CE security certification and ISO9001 quality certification.

Large Capacity High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LZ-LRHC-B110
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Maximum Speed 21000 rpm
Maximum Volume 4×1000 ml
Timer 1 to 9h59 min
Noise ≤60 dBA
Speed Accuracy ±20 rpm
Maximum RCF 30910×g
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C
Temperature Range -20°C to 40°C
Power Supply AC220V/110V 50 Hz/60 Hz
Dimension (W×D×H) 720×540×830 mm
Net Weight 170 kg
Package Carton box or wooden box



Widely used in the field of medicine, life science, agriculture science, institutes, research centers and laboratories. Applied in the area of protein precipitation, RNA extraction and clinical sample processing. Used for rapid separation and synthesis of sample traces


Order NumberRotor type>Maximum Speed(rpm)Maximum Volume(ml)Maximum RCF(×g)
1Swing rotor40004×800ml3450
2Microplate rotor40004×4×96 well2940
3Microplate rotor40002×4×96 well3210
4Microplate rotor40002×3×96 well2300
5Swing rotor40004×40×7ml vacuum tube3270
6Swing rotor40004×40×5ml vacuum tube2890
7Fixed rotor40004×28×10ml vacuum tube3130
8Fixed rotor4000Fat bottle3830
9Fixed rotor160004×8 PCR15760
10Fixed rotor150006×8 PCR21420
11Fixed rotor160008×8 PCR17480
12Fixed rotor1500012×8 PCR22930
13Fixed rotor1500040×0.5ml22920
14Fixed rotor2100012×1.5ml30910
15Fixed rotor1600024×1.5ml23440
16Fixed rotor1400030×1.5ml20800
17Fixed rotor1300048×1.5ml17930
18Fixed rotor1600048×1.5ml22020
19Fixed rotor160006×10ml21500
20Fixed rotor1500012x10ml22680
21Fixed rotor1300016x10ml19490
22Fixed rotor110008x15ml17790
23Fixed rotor500012x15ml14330
24Fixed rotor500024x15ml3500
25Fixed rotor1400030x15ml3830
26Fixed rotor130006x30ml19060
27Fixed rotor130006×50ml(conical)18840
28Fixed rotor130006×50ml(round)18730
29Fixed rotor500012×50ml3860
30Fixed rotor400024×50ml2970
31Fixed rotor130004×85ml18940
32Fixed rotor120004×100ml14850
33Fixed rotor100006×100ml11380
34Fixed rotor400012×100ml2970
35Fixed rotor1200024 capillaries15800
36Swing rotor150004×5ml19920
37Vertical rotor1600016×5ml16450
38Vertical rotor140008×30ml19750

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