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Large Capacity Low-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Large Capacity Low-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LZ-LLSC-A110


  • Ideal for separating blood into components
  • Parameters can be modified at operating state
  • 6 kinds of rotors are available based on your choice
  • Presence of automatic lid lock system in which door locks automatically once centrifugation process is on
  • Equipped with automatic rotor recognition and imbalance detection
Large Capacity Low-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LZ-LLSC-A120


  • There are several kinds of rotors for your option, adapters can be designed by experimental requirements
  • It has various early warning functions such as over speed, temperature and unbalance protection
  • 10 kinds of acceleration and deceleration can be selected or directly set up the time of acceleration/ deceleration
  • Brushless frequency motor drive which has high torque
  • Varieties of rotors can be used such as swing rotor, angle rotor and microplate rotor
Large Capacity Low-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge LZ-LLSC-B110


  • Centrifuge body is made up of high quality steel, which is safe and reliable to use
  • Ten kinds of program stored in the memory
  • Digital display indicates speed, time, temperature of the centrifugation process
  • It is free environment pollution and precise in temperature control
  • Over temperature and imbalance protection

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