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Trans Illuminator and Imaging System

Gel Documentation System UV Trans Illuminator
Gel Documentation System LZ-GDS-A110


  • Anti-jamming and light containment system
  • Magnetic thimble interface for easy switching between blue light and white light
  • UV trans illuminator with anti-UV filter for user protection, uniform brightness, better background
  • System can be upgraded to higher version
  • Can switch between PC and embedded touch screen operation
UV Trans-illuminator LZ-UVT-A100


  • Built with fixed camera port rack
  • Transmission UV wavelength: (midrange wave) 302 nm
  • Transmission area of 200 × 150 mm
  • Reflectance UV wavelength: (short-range wave) 254 nm, (long-range wave) 365 nm
  • Real time observation of the sample is intuitive and safe

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