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Mini Magnetic Stirrer LZ-MSH-D100
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Mini Magnetic Stirrer LZ-MSH-D100 |


Mini Magnetic Stirrer LZ-MSH-D100 has design with electrical motor to spins the magnet. Offer ultimate stirring function with stirring speed ranging 0 to 1250 rpm with 2L capacity range. Suitable for the routine stirring application. Made of robust PC housing and chemical resistant material with overall size 185×75mm. Its small and smooth design allow to keep anywhere in the laboratory, clinical laboratory big instrument chamber such as laminar flow, biosafety cabinet

Specifications :
Work Plate Dimension 145 mm
Work Plate Material PC
Max. Stirring Quantity 2L
Speed Range 0 to 1250 rpm
Stir Bar Size 30×7 mm
Dimensions 185×75mm
Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz
Weight 0.6 kg
Features :
  • Available capacity up to 2L
  • Compact footprint design and made of PC
  • Portable for easy transporting
  • Design with electrical motor for spins the magnet
  • Suitable for stirring speed from 0 to 1250 rpm
  • Supplied with 30× 7 mm stir bar size
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