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Pocket Dissolved oxygen tester LZ-PDO-A102

Pocket Dissolved oxygen tester LZ-PDO-A102 is equipped with polarographic sensor to measure dissolved oxygen content. The system menu of dissolved oxygen meter can set 6 parameters which includes the number of calibration points, temperature units etc. It can measure the dissolved oxygen content present in water, waste water, other liquids & solutions.

Pocket Dissolved oxygen tester LZ-PDO-A102
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Dissolved Oxygen Range 0.0 to 20.0 mg/L (or ppm)
Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy ± 0.5 mg/L
% of Saturation Of Oxygen 0.0 to 200.0%
Sensor Type Polarographic dissolved oxygen probe
% Saturation of Oxygen Accuracy ± 10 % F.S.
Temperature Compensation Range 0 °C to 40 °C, 32 °F to 104 °F
Barometric Pressure Correction 60.0 to 112.5 kPa, 450 to 850 mmHg
Salinity Correction 0 - 35 g/L
Data Hold Function Manual or automatic
Power Off Manual or automatic (8 minute after last key is pressed)
Reset Function Yes
Connector 6 pin mini plug
Battery Life Approximately 150 hours
Dimension (L × Dia.) 175 × 40 mm
Weight 100 g


Standard Accessories

Dissolved oxygen probe
Dissolved oxygen Electrolyte solution
Membrane cap
AAA batteries
Carrying case

Optional Accessories

Polarographic sensor
30 ml electrolyte solution per bottle
Membrane cap


Pocket Dissolved oxygen tester has applications in water & waste water management industry, aquarium, surface ground water, etc. to detect content of dissolved oxygen.

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