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Electromagnetic Analytical Balance LZ-AB-A450

Electromagnetic Analytical Balance LZ-AB-A450 has high repeatability of 2 mg and is equipped with ABS Plastic housing and stainless steel pan. Designed with Electromagnetic sensors that are compatible with different function modes including Automatic zeroing function with adjustable point tracking function, check weight, peak hold function, automatic density. The LCD touch display has excellent functional operating parameters that display a maximum weighing range of 200g. The Electromagnetic Analytical Balance is crucial in research laboratory application.

Electromagnetic Analytical Balance LZ-AB-A450
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Range 200 g
Repeatability 2 mg
Readability 1 mg
Display LCD
Pan Dimension 80 mm
Material ABS plastic housing & stainless steel pan
Linearity 2 mg
Housing Dimension 340×210×170 mm
Packing Dimension 500x370x490 mm
Net Weight 3.95 kg



The portable and handy analytical balance is used in university, research laboratories, Pharmaceutical companies, jewellery weighing, industries, etc.

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