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Friability Tester LZ-FT-A100

Friability Tester LZ-FT-A100 used to test the degree of which compressed material will be reduced to powder form and is ideal for testing all tablet types. Dual Chamber Drum Type Tester achieve high throughput productivity in pharmaceutical industries, capable to handle more sample simultaneously. High technology and defined with hyaline acryl and MPU used to control all processes accommodate high accuracy testing with the rotary speed and 2 cylinders. The suitable function is available with auto-test, auto-diagnose, auto-alarm. Followed by a rotating count 100 times at constant speed and the tablet tumble.

Friability Tester LZ-FT-A100
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Cylinder Number 2
Cylinder Radius Φ286 mm
Cylinder Depth 39 mm
Tablet Fall Height 156 mm
Rotation Speed Accuracy ±1 rpm
Rotation Count 10 to 900 r
Rotation Count Accuracy ±1 r
Display LED
Power 50 W
Voltage 220V/ 50Hz/110V/ 60Hz
Dimension 370×300×340 mm3



Used in quality and production control for detecting friability of tablet
Used in the area of pharmacies for testing the resistance of uncoated tablet in accordance with compliance specification

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