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Real-Time PCR System 2 Channel LZ-PCR-A10

Real-Time PCR System 2 Channel LZ-PCR-A10 is developed specifically with windows 10 operating system along with analysis software. The device has two channel blocks with double 8-well blocks. It has fluorescence detection system with wavelength range of F1:520 to 540 nm. The operations are assigned using TFT color touch screen display. This design includes USB, thermal printer interface options. Installed with technical features like side scan technology, electromagnetic lock, over-current protection, over temperature protection to prevent from any damage or contamination.

Real-Time PCR System 2 Channel LZ-PCR-A10
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Sample Capacity 16×0.2 ml (2×8 holes, double module)
Channel Dual Channel
Applicable Consumables 0.2 ml thin-walled transparent single tube, 0.2 ml thin-walled transparent eight tube
Reaction System 10 to 100 μl
Temperature Control American MARLOW semiconductor refrigerator, more than 1 million cycles
Temperature Control Range 0 to100°C (resolution: 0.1 °C)
Maximum Temperature Rate 6 ℃/s
Temperature Control Accuracy ± 0.1 ℃
Temperature Uniformity ± 0.25 ℃
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.25 ℃
Heat Cap Temperature Range 30 to 115 °C (adjustable, default 105 °C)
Temperature Control Mode Block mode, Tube mode (automatically controlled according to the reaction volume)
Fluorescence Excitation Wavelength 460 to 550 nm
Fluorescence Detection Wavelength F1: 520 to 540 nm
Applicable Fluorescent Dyes F1: FAM/SYBR Green
Excitation Light Source High-brightness LED, long service life, no maintenance
Detector High sensitivity photoelectric sensor
Kinetic Range 1 to 1010 Copies
Detection Sensitivity Can detect single copy genes
Software Analysis Functions Qualitative/quantitative analysis
Data Export Excel, csv, txt
Print Report Reports can be printed directly (USB thermal printer is optional)
Control Mode 7-inch color touch screen control, can also be connected to computer control
Interface WIFI/USB2.0
Power DC 15 V 250 W
Voltage 220 V AC, 50 Hz
Dimensions(L×W×H) 300x267x198 mm
Weight 5.5 kg



Used for rapid and cost-effective detection of SARS-cov-2
Used in laboratories to disrupt the viruses to release the RNA for amplification
Gene expression analysis, analyze micro RNA & noncoding RNA Microbiology laboratory for genetic variation analysis, Protein Analysis, Mutation Detection
Biomarker Analysis Using Real-Time PCR system
Used in the departments like oncology, research institutes, colleges and hospitals

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