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Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer LZ-MSH-C101

Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer LZ-MSH-C101 provide excellent operating parameter with its intuitive LCD display. Portable and compact design suited for easy handling. The stirring speed ranging from 0 to 1250 rpm. Variable Hot Plate Temperature range from 300°C to 400°C. Stirrer, stir bar and temperature probe. Suitable for beaker, flask and other laboratory vessels for stirring volume up to 2 L capacity.

Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer LZ-MSH-C101
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Work Plate Dimension 135× 135 mm
Work Plate Material Stainless Steel
Max. Stirring Quantity 2 L
Speed Range 0 to 1250 rpm
Hot Plate Temperature -
Ambient Temperature < 50°C
Display LCD
Dimensions 230× 180× 120 mm
Power Consumption -
Supply AC 220V/50Hz
Weight 2.2 kg



Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer are used for mixing and heating aqueous solution in Research & Development, laboratory, and clinical application.


Stirrer and stir bar

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