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UV Test Chamber LZ-UTC-A100

UV Test Chamber LZ-UTC-A100 offers 45℃ to 80℃ temperature Range for light cycle, and 40℃ to 60℃ temperature range for condensation cycle. Adopted with 08 pcs standard sample test shelf with size (75 × 150 mm). Designed with 4.3 inch touch screen, menu type interface could set parameters fast, which is easy to understand and operation. It features 3 holes spray header to meet the uniformity of rainfall for flat sample rack. Overall chamber made up of advanced stainless steel material. Equipped with 4 pieces of 20 W ultraviolet lamp, more stable operation and the life of the lamp is up to 5000 hours. Build-in 4 pieces of 70 x 150 flat sample racks, the users can test for three-dimensional or flat samples.

UV Test Chamber LZ-UTC-A100
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Temperature Range for Light cycle 45℃ to 80℃
Temperature Range for Condensation cycle 40℃ to 60℃
Light source type UVA fluorescent ultraviolet lamp
Power 20 W/pc, total 4 pcs
Wavelength range Standard with UVA@ 340 nm
Irradiance Handle
Calibration function No
Spraying function 3-holes spraying
Sample shelf size 8 pcs standard sample test shelf (75 × 150 mm)
Center distance between sample and lamp 150 mm to 280 mm
Cycle mode Dark, light, spray, condensate set multi-cycle automatic control
Light control Handle
Dimension 770 × 565 × 690 mm
Power consumption 2000 W
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Net weight 98 kg
Gross weight 125 kg



UV Test Chamber used for heat resistance testing of electrical insulation, ventilation-aging testing of electronic parts, plasticizing product, leather textile test, treatment of mandatory ventilation, etc.

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