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Medical Stability Test Chamber LZ-MSC-A101

Medical Stability Test Chamber LZ-MSC-A101 is designed with a 250 L capacity volume. It offers a 35 to 95 % RH humidity range and the temperature control range is from 0 to 65℃ without illumination and 10 to 50℃ with illumination. Designed with microprocessor control, stainless steel chamber, and semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning. It features a precise system of temperature and humidity control, which provides various necessary environmental simulative conditions for industrial researches and biotechnology tests. Designed with a large LCD screen to display more data at the same time. A good temperature humidity chamber is essential for evaluating the potential success or failure of a product in the field.

Medical Stability Test Chamber LZ-MSC-A101
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Chamber Volume 250 L
Temperature control range 0 to 65℃ without illumination, 10 to 50℃ with illumination
Temperature Stability ±0.5℃
Temperature Uniformity ±2℃
Humidity Range 35 to 95 % RH
Humidity Stability ±3 % RH
Illumination 0 to 6000 LX adjustable
Illumination difference ≤± 500 LX
Timing Range 1 to 99 hours each period
Humidity and temp adjusting Balance temperature and humidity adjusting
Cooling system/cooling mode Two sets of imported compressor work rotationally
Controller Programmable ( LCD screen)
Sensor Temperature Pt 100, Humidity: capacitance sensor
Ambient Temperature RT+5 to 30℃
Shelves 3 pcs
Safety Device Compressor overheating and overpressure protection, Fan overheating protection Over temperature protection, Overload protection, Water protections
Internal Dimension 600 × 500 × 830 mm
External dimension 740 × 890 × 1680 mm
Power Consumption 2500 W
Power supply AC 220V, 50 Hz
Net weight 196 kg
Gross weight 250 kg



Medical Stability Test Chamber used to check a drug for its long time to failure evaluation of stable temperature, humidity and light environment for pharmaceutical enterprises to accelerate drug test, long-term test, high humidity, and the strong light test is the best choice for pharmaceutical companies and drug stability test program.

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