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A2 Biological Safety Cabinets LZ-BSC-A110

A2 Biological Safety Cabinets LZ-BSC-A110 design with dual side walls and hy-chamber plenum to prevent the possibility of contamination from leaks to the exterior environment with front-access design. Designed with a wide record of security, reliability and performance. With ULPA filter that provider excellent filtration efficiency. Offer 800 to 1200 lux Fluorescent Illumination to deliver a sufficient brightness in the work zone however it provide minimal shines to user

A2 Biological Safety Cabinets LZ-BSC-A110
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Air circulation 70%
Air exhaust 30%
Internal Work Space 1.08 m2
Normal Size 1.8 m
Average Airflow Velocity
Inflow 0.53 m/s (104.3 fpm)
Down flow 0.35 m/s (68.9 fpm)
Airflow Volume
Inflow 706 m³/h
Down flow 1282 m³/h
Exhaust 706 m³/h
ULPA Filter Efficiency
Inflow 99.9995%(0.1 to 0.2 µ)
Down flow 99.9995%(0.1 to 0.2 µ)
Biosafety protection test
Product Protection Test 1~8×106 ≤5CFU
Cross-contamination Test 1~8×106 ≤2CFU
NSF/ANSI 49 <65 dBA
EN 12469 <62 dBA
Work Zone stainless steel, type 304
Main Body steel with white oven-baked epoxy-polyester
Side Walls stainless steel, type 304
Fluorescent Illumination 800 to 1200 Lux
Electrical Sliding Window Yes
RMS ≤2.3 μm
Power Consumption 850 W
Electrical Supply 220V/50 Hz, 110V/60 Hz
External Dimension(WxDxH) With Base Stand 1923×771×2255 mm
Internal Dimension(WxDxH) 1800×600×678 mm
Package Dimension 2026×945×1717 mm
Gross Weight 390 kg
Net Weight 320 kg



Used in biotechnology, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical, routine research applications such as medium preparation, tissue and cell culture, human histology, PCR, Blood analysis, QA/QC, drug preparation, trace amount of radio nucleotide, staining etc.


Support stand: 560mm (22.0'') , 660mm (34.0'') or 760mm (29.9''), with castor
Ultraviolet Lamp Kits, Optional mobile UV lamps
Illumination Light
Disposable Active Carbon Postfilters

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