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ELISA Microplate Reader LZ-EMR-A180

ELISA Microplate Reader LZ-EMR-A180 offer high flexibility, sensitivity and suitable for different immunological assay such as ELISA in university, laboratory, clinical department. Provide quick reading speed with 8 channel optical fiber scanning features. Versatile and reliable micro plate reader accomplish different following wavelength range up to 4 standard filters 405,450, 492, 630 nm. It can be easily use to assay multiple plate together with its linear shaking features.

ELISA Microplate Reader LZ-EMR-A180
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Minimum Filter Slot 405,450, 492, 630 nm(8 Channel)
Spectral Range 400 to 800 nm
Plate Type 48/96 well plate
Light Source Halogen Lamp
Detector Silicon Detector
Shaking Type Linear Shaking with 3 speed
Reading Range 0 to 4 A
Resolution 0.001 A
Accuracy 0.008 A
Reproducibility ≤0.2%
Display LCD
Reading Speed
Single Wavelength ≤ 3 seconds
Double Wavelength ≤ 6 seconds
Electrical Supply 100/220V, 50/60 Hz
Dimension 475x350x210 mm
Weight 11. 5 kg


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