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Mini Vertical Electrophoresis LZ-VES-A104

Mini Vertical Electrophoresis LZ-VES-A104 versatile and simple, suitable for protein electrophoresis. Design with sliding wedge of side fastener of electrophoresis core presses the short glass onto the sealing gasket tightly to elude liquid leakage. Equipped with cam gel-making frame ensures the accurate aligning. Come with easy to read the gauged glass plate and comb for visible marks.

Mini Vertical Electrophoresis LZ-VES-A104
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Gel Number 1-4 Gels
Gel Thickness 1.0 mm (standard); 0.75 mm and 1.5 mm
Glass Plate Size 100×83 mm
Gel Size 83×73 mm
Comb 1 mm: 10 and 15 wells (standard); 0.75 mm: 10 and 15 wells; 1.5 mm: 10 and 15 wells
Platinum Electrode 0.25 mm
Dimension 180×130×160 mm


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