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Gel Documentation System LZ-GDS-A110

Gel Documentation System LZ-GDS-A110 is an advanced gel documentation unit for imaging nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) and Proteins suspended in various gels. Adopts Reaction Injection molding process to mould front panel and door. Features operation mode converter (switch between touch screen system and PC), Scientific Digital Camera. The standard light source comprises LED Epi-white light× 2, UV Transilluminator (302 nm), and White LED Transilluminator. Motor driven lenses, standard filter, adjustable stage, intuitive software etc. ensures highly precise detection of the bands. Widely used in molecular biology, genetic engineering, biotechnology etc. research laboratories.

Gel Documentation System LZ-GDS-A110
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Resolution Scientific Digital Camera
A/D 16-bit (65536 Grey Scales)
Quantum Efficiency ≥ 70%
Lens F/1.2 Motorized
Readout Noise 5.1e-RMS
Dark Current 1e-/pixel/sec. at 25°C
SNR 70.1 dB
Light Sources LED Epi-white light× 2, UV Transilluminator (302 nm), and White LED Trans illuminator
Emission Filter 590 nm
Sample Area 260 × 210 mm
Packaging Dimension 560 × 480 × 780 mm + 370 × 350 × 490 mm (2 cartons)
Gross Weight 39 kg


Optional Accessories

Blue LED Transilluminator (470 nm)
8 Sockets filter wheel
Fluorescence Channel Cy5
Fluorescence Channel Cy3
Fluorescence Channel Cy2
Fluorescence channel Cy5.5


Gel documentation system with standard configuration of DNA, RNA, Protein analysis, used in genetic engineering, biotechnology, molecular biology field, for obtaining high quality images of DNA, RNA, Protien bands using various techniques like western blotting, ELISA and in estimation of protein, nucleic acid content.

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