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Manual Polarimeter LZ-MPM-A110

Manual Polarimeter LZ-MPM-A110 with LED display, has ± 45° scope of measurement. Equipped with optical rotation, it determines concentration, content, purity of a substance. Long-life LED with 589 nm filter works as light source.

Manual Polarimeter LZ-MPM-A110
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Measurement Mode Optical rotation
Calibration Mode Manual Calibration
Measuring Range ±45.0°
Minimum Reading 0.01°(optical rotation)
Accuracy ±0.01°(-45° ≤ optical rotation ≤ +45°)
Repeatability (standard deviations) 0.02°(optical rotation)
Measurable sample min. Transmittance 0.01
Light Source LED
Working Wavelength 589.3 nm
Test Tube One 200 mm tube & One 100 mm tube
Display LED Display
Data Storage Capacity 3 groups
Interface USB, RS232
Power 220 W
Power Supply AC 220V ± 10% 50 Hz
Dimension 600 × 320 × 220 mm
Net Weight 20 kg
Gross Weight 25 kg



Used in pharmacy, drug and sugar testing, chemical, dye and paint industry, oil and cosmetics industry, food and spices,. Also used in laboratory, research institutes of biotechnology, microbiology, and other fields

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