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Muffle Furnace LZ-MFF-A200
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Muffle Furnace LZ-MFF-A200 is a microprocessor controlled furnace with 1400°C maximum temperature and 4.5 L capacity. Furnace is made of high quality alumina polycrystalline fiber and is efficiently designed for minimal space requirement in the laboratory. It features heating elements such as imported silicon carbide rod, S type thermocouple. It has the functions of over-temperature, break-off, over-current protection, etc. It has the advantages of temperature field balance, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall, and energy saving. It is accurate in measuring and controlling the temperature and is equipped with instantaneous energy consumption indicator, calculator for average working temperature and descriptive error indicator.

Specifications :
Capacity 4.5 L
Chamber Dimension 200 × 150 × 150 mm
Phase single phase
Maximum temperature 1400℃
Maximum Working Temperature 0-1300 ℃
Heating element Silicon carbide rod
Maximum heating rate ≤10℃/ Min
Recommended Cooling rate 5 ℃ / min.
Thermocouple Type S Type
Chamber material alumina polycrystalline fiber
Temperature Control Accuracy +/- 1 ℃
Power consumption 4 kW
Power supply 220 V
Features :
  • Designed with 30-stage program temperature control intelligent PID adjustment
  • Offers over-temperature protection, over current load protection, thermocouple burnout warning
  • France is made up of High-quality high-purity alumina polycrystalline fiber
  • Material used stainless steel, will not rust, and will not slag when used for a long time
  • Accurate measurement and control of temperature using S type thermocouple
  • The furnace is equipped with communication interface and software
  • The surface of the furnace is smooth and not easy to drop powder
  • The double-layer furnace shell is equipped with an air-cooling system, which can quickly and gently adapt rise and fall in temperature
  • Heating furnace can be replaced
Standard Accessories :

Accessories no.NameQty.
1 S-Thermocouple1 pcs
2Crucible tongs1 pcs
3 Door Block1 pcs
4 High temperature gloves 1 pair
5 Electric Furnace 1 set

Applications :

Muffle Furnace is used in many research centers, medical laboratories to determine the non-volatile and non-combustible proportion of the sample. The testing device is also used for highly sophisticated metallurgical applications. All types of muffle furnaces work on the basis of conventions, conductions, and with the electrical resistance heating elements.

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