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Muffle Laboratory Furnace LZ-MFF-B420

Muffle Laboratory Furnace LZ-MFF-B420 suitable for continuous working temperature 1300°C. Also available with optional features such as protective gas connection, door sensor, second thermocouple (indicator). The standard type of muffle furnaces that use a Low external surface temperature with dual-layer housing characterized by excellent repeatability. Heating element protection with quartz tubes against the effects of harmful gases and heating element Fe-Cr-Al. High-temperature accuracy at ±1 °C. Every unit is made with steel sheet construction and coated with epoxy powdered and equipped with easy to use controller system and safety devices. Additionally, it accommodates different software that provides heating program along with custom preset program. Dual-layer insulation keeps the external surface cool to touch.

Muffle Laboratory Furnace LZ-MFF-B420
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Capacity 20 L
Temperature 1300°C
Thermocouple Type  S Type
Material Steel Sheet Housing; Epoxy Powder Coating
Heating Element Quartz Tube
Heating Element Type Fe-Cr-Al
Display LCD
Accuracy ±1 °C
Control Unit B2 Software optional
Insulation Material Internal: Insulating Fire Brick, External: Ceramic Fire Brick
Power Consumption 4200 W
Internal Dimension 250x200x395 mm
External Dimension 546x668x790 mm
Net Weight 65 kg
Gross Weight 85 kg



High-temperature applications
Ash analysis
Heat treatment
Melting & oxidation

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