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PRP/PPP Centrifuge LZ-PRP-A110

PRP/PPP Centrifuge LZ-PRP-A110 equipped with AC frequency conversion motor. Essential Device used in hospitals, research institutes and universities and comes with multiple rotors and adaptor. Capability to produce PPP and PRP within minutes. Ideal for biochemistry, pharmaceutics, isolation and purification of blood samples. Equipped with rotors and the accessories can be clean the sample under high temperature. Accomplished 10 types of acceleration and deceleration control.

PRP/PPP Centrifuge LZ-PRP-A110
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Capacity 4×750ml
Max RCF 5310×g
Speed Range 5500 rpm
Noise ≤ 65dB(A)
Rotor Diameter 420 mm
Revolutions/min ±20 rpm
 Timer 1 to 99min
Power Consumption 750 W
Power Supply AC 220±22V 50Hz 10A
Dimension 540×480×390 mm
Packing Dimension 650×550×460 mm
Net Weight 52 kg
Gross Weight 57 kg



Used for the separation and purification of clinical medicine, biochemistry, radio immunity, biopharmaceuticals, and blood samples.


Rotor Capacity RPM/RCF
Swing-out Rotor 14×50ml5500rpm/5310×g
Swing-out Rotor 24×100ml5000rpm/4390×g
Swing-out Rotor 38×50ml4000rpm/2810×g
Swing-out Rotor 416×10/15ml4000rpm/2810×g
Swing-out Rotor 524×10/15ml4000rpm/2810×g
Swing-out Rotor 632×10/15ml4000rpm/2810×g
Swing-out Rotor 748×5/7ml4000rpm/2810×g
Swing-out Rotor 864×5/7ml4000rpm/2810×g
Swing-out Rotor 972×5/7ml4000rpm/2810×g
Swing-out Rotor 1096×5/7ml4000rpm/3580×g
Swing-out Rotor 11120×5/7ml4000rpm/3580×g
Swing-out Rotor 124×750ml4000rpm/3580×g
Swing-out Rotor 134×500ml4000rpm/3580×g
Swing-out Rotor 144×250ml4000rpm/3500×g
Swing-out Rotor 154×250ml/Sharp bottom4000rpm/3500×g
Swing-out Rotor 166×250ml4000rpm/3500×g
Automatic uncap basket 1748 tubes uncap basket4000rpm/3500×g Φ13×75-106
Automatic uncap basket 1872 tubes uncap basket4000rpm/3500×g Φ13×75-106
Automatic uncap basket 1996 tubes uncap basket4000rpm/3580×g Φ13×75-106
Micro plates rotor 204×2×96 Hole4000rpm/3550×g
Micro plates rotor 212×2×96 Hole4000rpm/2300×g
Micro plates rotor 222×2×48 Hole4000rpm/1700×g

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