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Steel Water Bath LZ-WB1

Steel Water Bath LZ-WB1 stand for a safe working in the laboratory. These high quality water baths offer a temperature stability of ± 0.5°C. The working ambient temperature of 5°C to 100°C allows a wide range of applications, with temperature parameters being displayed on LED screen. The devices are fitted with long-life bath vessels made out of high quality 304 stainless steel with external and internal surfaces featuring corrosion resistant property.

Steel Water Bath LZ-WB1
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Water bath 3 Holes
Power supply control Individual switch control per hole
Rated power 500 W
Temperature fluctuation ≤ ±1°C
Temperature uniformity ≤±0.5°C
Temperature control range Ambient +5°C to 100°C
Dimensions 410x180x160 mm
Weight 3.8 kg



These devices are ideal for routine laboratory temperature control, E.Coli detection, sample thawing, bacterial detection, cell culture, food and Beverages testing pre-treatment and in dental field.

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