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Digital Microscope LZ-DM-A110

Digital Microscope LZ-DM-A110 is in demand for the provision of high resolution image on the LCD screen. The zoom objectives of different range offers superior magnification. It is supported with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and CMOS chip for transfer of data. It comes with sturdy track stand which supports the microscope and attachments. These microscopes are ideal for industrial as well as professional applications.

Digital Microscope LZ-DM-A110
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Viewing Head Binocular head, inclined at 20º , interpupillary distance 55-75 mm
Eyepiece EW10X/ Ø22 mm
Objective Plan achromatic objective: 1x, Zoom objectives: 0.8x-6.4x with 1:8 zoom ratio
Stage working distance: 78 mm
Output USB 2.0 Mini USB, HDMI
Display LCD
Focusing Focusing distance: 105 mm
Digital Part 5.0 MP, CMOS chip and support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Software Touch scope (for microscope) NMS client (for PC)
Operating system Android 4.2.2
Illumination Transmission & reflected LED illumination, brightness adjustable
Dimension 370×320×670 mm
Net Weight 9 kg
Gross Weight 10 kg


Optional Accessories

Tilting binocular head 0 to 35° inclined, interpupillary distance 55 mm to 75 mm
Plan achromatic objective: 2x
Plan apochromatic objective: 0.5x
Achromatic objective: 0.3x and 0.5x
Eyepiece: EW15X/ Ø 16 mm
Coaxial coarse and fine focusing attachment


Digital microscope has wide applications in the fields of research labs, hospitals, industries to view and study opaque, translucent, and temperature sensitive objects on LCD screen.

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