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Ducted Fume Hood LZ-DFH-A100-220V

Ducted Fume Hood LZ-DFH-A100-220Voffer maximum protection to operators to operate and is suitable for the application to remove harmful microbes and particulates. Suitable to control effective parameters for enclosing a work area that uses hazardous solvent & chemicals with an excellent memory and centrifugal blower function. This enclosed ventilated used for the application with a high volume of organic solvent & chemical, gases and other volatile products. This unit needs ductwork to channel toxins & chemicals out of the lab by a fan mounted.

Ducted Fume Hood LZ-DFH-A100-220V
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Maximum Opening 660 mm
Air Velocity 0.3 to 0.8 m/s
Front Window Folding Acrylic window, down part with free stop function
Main Body Cold rolled steel with bacteria powder coating
Work Station Phenolic resin
Front & Back Window 5 mm toughened glass
Control System Microprocessor
Lamp LED -4W*2
Noise ≤65 dB
Display LED
Blower Adjustable speed with centrifugal blower
Power Consumption 200 W
Internal Dimension 640x550x700 mm
External Dimension 700x620x1150 mm
Packing Dimension 840x960x1400 mm
Gross Weight 115 kg
Electrical Requirement 220 V



Suitable for high volume of organic solvent & chemical, gases and other volatile products.


LED Lamp
Active Carbon filter
4.3 mm PVC Exhaust Duct
Pipe Strap
15 W UV Lamp(Optional)
HEPA Filter(Optional)
Base Stand(Optional)

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